Plant Metabolic Pathways

RiceCyc# ver 3.3 
Oryza sativa japonica

Strain: Nipponbare
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AraCyc* ver 12.0 
Arabidopsis thaliana
Strain: Columbia
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EcoCyc* ver 19.0  
Escherichia coli
Strain: K-12 MG1655
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SorghumCyc# ver 1.1  
Sorghum bicolor
Strain: BTx623
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MedicCyc* ver 1.0.1 
Medicago truncatula, Barrelclover
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MetaCyc* ver 19.0 
Reference Pathway Database
Strain: not applicable
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MaizeCyc# ver 2.2 
Zea mays
Strain: B73
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PoplarCyc* ver 7.0 
Populus trichocarpa (and other Populus species and hybrids)
Strain: n/a
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PlantCyc* ver 9.0 
Plant Metabolic Pathway Database
Strain: not applicable
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BrachyCyc# ver 2.0 
Brachypodium distachyon
Strain: Bd21
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PotatoCyc* ver 1.0.1 
Solanum tuberosum, Potato
Strain: n/a
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VitisCyc+ ver 3.18 
Vitis vinifera, Grape
Strain: n/a
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CoffeaCyc* ver 1.1.1 
Coffea canephora, Coffee
Strain: n/a
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EucalyptusCyc+ ver 1.7 
Eucalyptus grandis, Eucaplyptus
Strain: n/a
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LycoCyc* ver 3.3 
Solanum lycopersicum, Tomato
Strain: n/a
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FragariaCyc+ ver 2.19 
Fragaria vesca, Strawberry
Strain: n/a
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*Mirror database.
#Curated and developed by the Gramene database.
+Developed by the Naithani and Jaiswal Labs.

Other Tools

Omics Viewer: Upload and view the realtime mappings of your datasets from microrray expression, proteomics, metabolomics on Pathway overview diagram
Comparative analysis: Compare data sets from two or more species for reactions, pathways, compounds, proteins, transporters and/or transcription units


Help Presents an overview on how to use the pathway database and lists explanations of field names.
Tutorial More in-depth than the help pages, use the tutorial for an example of using the database, see how it integrates other datasets, and get tips to increase your data search efficiency.

Quicklink for selected rice pathways

Auxin metabolism
Brassinosteroid metabolsm
Cytokinin metabolism
Ethylene biosynthesis from methionine
Gibberellin metabolism
Jasmonic acid biosynthesis
Salicylic acid biosynthesis
Pentose phosphate pathways
Secondary metabolic pathways
Starch biosynthesis
TCA cycle

ALL pathways

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